Codorus State Park

Activities in and around Codorus State Park!

Digital Image Horseback Riders - Kayakers - Sinsheim Cove

Sinsheim Cove – Horses – Kayakers – Riders – Paddlers

Sinsheim Cove – Horses – Kayakers – Riders – Paddlers Busy day at Codorus State Park. A Portuguese Water Dog Competition at the main launch area. Busy horse trails with riders and horses! Busy hiking trails with hikers and dogs. A Lake full of Kayakers, Canoers, and boaters. Some people touring, some eating lunch and many fishing! Turtles and Birds rounded […]

Reflections of Lake Marburg – Codorus State Park

Reflections of Lake Marburg Smooth Water on an early Monday morning. Perhaps no boat traffic at this time of the morning! Some movement by Ducks on the water. Pennsylvania Route 216 is on the right side of the image. Judging from the beach, water levels are receding at this time August 17, 2015. Glatfelter’s Mill, the Spring Grove Borough and trout fisherman […]

Digital Image of Lake Marburg - Water Levels Receding

Lake Marburg – Cloudy Morning – Main Boat Launch

Lake Marburg – Cloudy Morning A Northwesterly  view of calm waters, Long Island and  and clouds. While visiting the park a helicopter flew by. It was a N653HA belonging to Helicopter Applicators Inc. THe helicopter was traveling west. Perhaps heading home to Gettysburg. This was a Monday visit. Not many people at the launch. Maybe 3-4 boat trailers parked at the […]

OH-58A - Bell Helicopter