Codorus State Park – Geese

Codorus State Park – Geese over Lake Marburg

Sometimes while working or studying, I will drive over to Codorus State Park and sit at one of the park benches. My camera is usually nearby!

Here are a couple geese coming in for a landing on lake Marburg. They landed on the water near the Long Island.

When I took this shot I was up near the classroom building, to the North of the Marina (end of Marina Road).

The camera I use has been in my possession since  October of 2012. I bought the camera because it is a bridge between a point and shoot  consumer camera and digital SLR.  It as worked great for my needs! I am still learning! It is fun to use.

Get out and enjoy nature! See you at the park!

Digital Image of Codorus State Park - Geese Landing on Lake Marburg

Lake Marburg – Image taken September 24, 2014



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