Bicycling the Torrey C Brown Rail Trail


These two riders are Bicycling the Torrey C Brown Rail Trail.

They are northbound at the 14.25 mile marker. At this point of the trail,  travel is actually to the Northwest.

There is a slight incline up to the Mason Dixon Line at the Maryland 19.8 and Pennsylvania 0 Mile marker.

Past the Mason Dixon Line the pitch is much steeper until the riders reach the Summit in New Freedom (Pennsylvania 1 mile marker).

The cross street in the image is Walker Road. There is parking about a tenth of a mile to the right North East of the trail at Walker Road, Cameron Mill Road and Stablers Church Road. This is unofficial parking as it is off the side of walker road at the intersection on both sides.

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Digital Image of Bicycling the Torrey C Brown Rail Trail  at the Walker Road

Image taken April 11, 2012 – Near the 14.25 mile marker – In Maryland the NCR Trail is also known as the Torrey C Brown Trail

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