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Best Kayak Digital Image of Don Morgan With Hurricane Santee 126 Sport

After sitting in a number of Kayaks, and using several at Dundee Creek, Lake Marburg, and Lake Williams, we are glad to have purchased the  Hurricane Santee Sport 126 Kayaks.

We are recreational users. We go out to enjoy the water, the wildlife and the scenery. We go out to explore. We enjoy photography. This kayak has been working out great for our needs!

When it is windy and the waves are of concern, and when a boat zooms by and wakes are of concern, we have found the Santee Sport 126 works rather well. We have been able to slice through and ride the waves without difficulty! (We did this recently on Lake Marburg!)

When it is calm, the Kayak will glide through the water with little to no noise!

We have packed lunches and eaten lunch without docking or going to shore!


These kayaks are very easy to carry. They are only about 40 lbs

For us, this has been the Best Kayak!

We looked at a number of kayaks. For the length vs weight this seemed to be a Best Kayak. This is Santee 126 is a 12 ft 6 inch long model. At less that 40 lbs it is easy to carry. My wife has carried hers from the lake up a hill to a point where we could load the Kayak on  a Chevy Trailblazer! I am not aware of any other hard kayaks that meat the length vs weight.

We previously used some Old Town Dirigo. They are excellent Kayaks. We got hooked on kayaking using the Dirigo 120. From a length vs weight standpoint they are are a few inches shorter and over 10 lbs heaver than the Hurricane Santee 126.

The foot supports on the Santee have  a twist and slide wand. The kayaker can turn the wand, slide the foot support and twist the wand to lock the foot support in place! The foot support on the Old Town works completely by foot action.

We hope to see you on the water and if your looking for a Kayak, check out a Hurricane Kayak or the Old Town Dirigo.


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One thought on “Best Kayak (Kyak)

  • Tom Blouin

    Thanks for your review of the Santee 126 Sport; I am on my third Pungo 140, great kayak but the its 58 pound weight feels heavier lately than it used to 14 years ago. Nice website and photos!