Fair Hill – Saw Mill Road

From this point of view Saw Mill Road at Fair Hill looks empty.

There are times however when this road is busy. Travelers on this road could be Horseback Riders just setting out for a ride. There could be riders setting out for an equine competition on Saw Mill Field. Yet again it may be bicycle riders making their way around the trails and roads of Fair Hill. It could be one of the many fine people bringing in tools, equipment or other goods used in the set up for equine competitions. Might be a hiker or runner getting in their daily exercise. In this case on (April 14, 2012) it was a photographer taking a break from an antiques show to take in the countryside views.

Digital Image of Saw Mill Road in Fair Hill, Maryland

Saw Mill Road at Fair Hill in Maryland – Image taken April 14, 2012

NCR Trail – Beetree Run

In August of 2012 and along the NCR Trail

the Beetree run appeared to be at a standstill!

The condition set up for this beautiful image. This is a view looking East from the trail at about the 16.25 mile marker.

Beetree run starts in Pennsylvania and runs down along the NCR Trail and merges into the Little Falls near Bentley Springs.

A few years, ago the beaver in this area were cutting up trees and building dams in the streams. For the trout fishermen the outcome of these dams were not favorable! For taking this digital image I think the dams can be a benefit.

Digital Image of Beetree Run from along the NCR Trail.

Image from along the NCR Trail. In Maryland, the NCR Trail is also known as The Northern Central Railroad Trail and the Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail.

Prettyboy Reservoir

A Southeast view of Prettyboy Reservoir from Beckleysville Road.

In this view, it is early Spring (April 1, 2012).

It was about April of 1933 when the city of Baltimore began filling the Reservoir for the first time.

People often fish here. It looks like one fisherman left some tack in the tree at this location! Perhaps a casting mishap!

Back in the 2002 and 1999 time frames, it was so dry that this reservoir had dropped to about a third of its capacity. Other reservoirs in the area were also experiencing similar situations!

Digital Image of Prettyboy Reservoir

A view of Prettyboy Reservoir – Image taken April 1, 2012